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Rebranding Judaism for the Millennial Generation

As a Jewish non-profit, Repair the World aims to mobilize thousands of young Jewish adults and their friends to help improve lives and neighborhoods through volunteering and service. With many older Jewish institutions representing outdated values, we were tasked with the challenge of reconnecting many young people to a culture they associated more with their parents and grandparents. We worked incredibly close to the organization to make sure that the brand (the voice and visual identity) was authentically congruous with the values and programs that Repair offered.

Every detail was intentional – from the metaphoric theme influencing the design to the interactive user experience (e.g., we implemented a digital questionnaire to collect the guest’s special needs prior to the big weekend).

The happy couple loved this process so much, they plan to create a conscious and intentionally designed event each year, with Majorette leading the creative direction.


Strategy & Research
Brand Identity & Voice
Content Strategy
Illustration & Iconography

Web Design & Development
Marketing Collateral
Experience & Event Design
Interior Design

The Repair Workshop: Community Spaces throughout the US

One of the exciting features of the Repair the World Communities program was the creation of the Repair Workshop. We worked with Repair to design physical spaces where the community (Repair fellows, volunteers and other community members) could come together to engage in meaningful projects and make lasting connections. We designed over 15,000 square feet in 5 separate locations in targeted deindustrialized and/or gentrified cities. 

In every step of the project we made sure to align with Repair’s brand values of inclusivity, connection, creativity, and authenticity.

In keeping with this commitment to aligning values, we hired local artists in each area to produce inspiring large-scale murals that showcase the spirit of the city.